She's Alive! ALIVE!!!

The Whaler Lives:

The Tax Evader stalks osprey and gators in re-maiden cruise following the 2011 renovation efforts:

Dad and Pete took her out to the Black River and Sandy Island on Tuesday, and on Wednesday Dad and I ran down Jericho Creek to Georgetown, and back up the Waccamaw to Hagley Landing. No issues, runs like a top, new seats are imminently more comfortable and moving the gas cans up helped fore-aft balance and opened up room in the back for a cooler and other storage.

Still some work to do to get everything ready to fish, but all in all it was very nice to see her running out over all of that black water. 

*** Update ***

Sid and Alex made it out on the Evader too - cruising the Waccacaw in style:

Some video footage of Jericho Creek headed down to Georgetown:

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