Whaler Project: "Progress" Is My Middle Name

Despite near-insurmountable obstacles, and no real updates since the last blog post on this topic in February of 2010, I am pleased to report that the Whaler renovation is moving crisply along in anticipation of our trip to Pawley's in July.

Over the last few weeks, blessed with clear skies and daylight persisting until well after 8:30pm, and unshackled from the drudgery of NYU's Taxation of Property Transactions, I have gotten the original console removed, including disassembly of the Teleflex kit which had me totally stumped for about 2 weeks. I've removed the rear bench, the front hatch cover, and prepped the gas tanks and battery for their new stowage amidships. This weekend, I cleaned out the ant nest in the rear storage compartment, cleaned out the hull, removed the anchor (got a new anchor!).  I also managed to get the new console cut for install (whoever invented the Dremel tool, thank you!) and began working on the new rear bench positioning that is about 6 inches higher that before.

Next steps:

  • complete the rear bench install with gas and battery beneath; mount Tempress seats on the bench.
  • install the new console with mahogany faceplate for steering and gauges.
  • re-mount front hatch cover and re-install anchor rode and new anchor.
  • Crank the engine up and see if this puppy still runs!

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