By the way..

After we get back from the frigid North, having to some extent diminished the local pheasant population, I need to figure out a time to take my wonderful wife to this warm-looking place:

Thanks, honey.

Testing, one two...

Well, looks like Matilda has gone mobile. I just installed the BlogAway app on my Android phone and am giving it a quick go. Look for more mobile blogging in the near future if this pans out.

We took this pic of Jack out at the Guilford Courthouse National Battlefield park, the weekend before thanksgiving.  Apprently it is the last pic i took with the phone. Pretty nifty huh?


Sodak Pre-Hunt

You know, the anticipation pre-hunt is almost as fun as getting out there and getting some. We head to Pheasant Cove in about 56 hours, and Dad was acting like a kid in a candy store last time I saw him. I am sure he has already packed and re-packed and un packed and cleaned his gun and re-packed. I finally got all my man stuff and implements of bird-death down out of the attic and am trying to figure out how little I can bring and not freeze in the 2-degree Farenheit tundra of Glenham South Dakota.

Needless to say, this is going to be a fantastic trip. I can already anticipate it.