Fishing with Jack

Jackson got invited to a neighbor's birthday party this weekend, over at the Hamilton Lakes pond. It was a "fishing" party. Yes, sir, we will be there.

We rolled out of the house about 5 to 8, because you know as they say the early bird catches the worm, and fish like worms. I suited Jack up with a new microlight triggerspin reel that I had acquired from Walmart the night before, and with his NC Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License in hand, Jack went to work.

Jack learning to fish with.JPG

Heroic amounts of patience and the sacrifice a several good nightcrawlers notwithstanding, we came home empty handed. There were about 15 boys there, and I reckon there were 8-10 fish caught amongst the group, mainly bluegills and sunfish and one smallmouth bass.

Jack with Dad on wall.JPG

After a solid morning of fishing, we headed over to the barber for haircuts and then to Five Guys for burgers and fries. Pretty solid man-schedule for a Saturday morning, if you ask me. Jack even got some coloring in.