Wild Game Cooking

I am proud to introduce yet another facet to my man-blog: Dean's adventures in the world of Wild Game Cooking.

Tonight's meal was a product of our recent upland bird hunt at Riverbend, and boy was it delicious. Bacon-wrapped Fingerville Quail on Mushroom Rice Pilaf, with Soy-sauteed Sugar Snap Peas. Served Family style with a Fat Tire Ale. Mmmm..

We started out with a little food prep - only had to take three spent shot out of the birds. Once I got them all cleaned up, they looked pretty good!

The plan was to wrap the birds in bacon..

roast until cooked throughout and nicely browned..

and serve over a mushroom rice pilaf with sauteed sugar snap peas on the side, family style.

Damn, that turned out well!