Oh The [New] Places [We Should] Go...

I previously posted a list of anticipated geographical conquests at Oh the places [we should] go.... The list inlcuded:
  • Eastern Oregon/Washington, hun and chukar hunting; like this place (warning, blatant Filson product placement)
  • Cape Romaine NWR, boating/camping trip fishing for red drum;
  • North Dakota, pheasant hunting;
Since then, we've hit one of those twice (N.Dak. 2010 / 2013), and gotten relatively close to another (E. Oregon - flew into Wash. and hunted grouse in the Koontenai 2014). I still want to go after chukar and huns in E. Oregon/Washington, and am now itching to try my hand at Montana fly fishing.

I also think worthwhile to add a few new ones to the list:
  • Grouse and Woodcock in Maine or Vermont (idea 1; idea 2)
  • Back to Montana
  • Central Wyoming
  • Northern Baja (I once tripped into Baja del Norte and attempted to summit Pichaco del Diablo (literally "Peak of the Devil"); terrain so barren and remote I left a note on my car in case people eventually came searching for my body
  • Nevada for this and this. (ditto re Filson warning, supra)