A Good Morning

We set out this morning for some farmland south of Akaska South Dakota in our convoy of Suburbans and Super Dutys. We would have been in Marv's Magic Bus but we blew a wheel bearing last night on the way in. We started walking them up about 10:15 and by the time we counted birds by the truck at 12:05 we had 36 roosters. We probably flushed over 500 birds total, scared up a buck, and generally shot like it was World War III.

Back to the lodge for lunch and the second half of UNC - Kentucky, then out after sharp tail grouse in the creek bottoms.

Location : 147th St, Selby, SD 57472,
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  1. I'm no gun expert or anything but aren't you supposed to avoid pointing them at other peoples faces, even when posing for a group picture?