SoDak Redux

Back to the hinterlands of South Dakota in pursuit of the wily Pheasant..

We flocked back this year to our stomping grounds of 2010 - this time, Dad and I, Will and Bill and Jason Palmer, and a few other folks to round out the group. Alas we missed the jovial input of Dan O'Neal, but much fun was had by all.

These are wide open lands - the dogs ran the birds up as we walked abreast through chest-high sorghum and 8-foot corn. As ususal, the flankers got plenty of action as the birds poured out ahead of the beaters.

Not as many birds this year as the last time, and although the weather was much warmer I actually think I preferred the late-season hunt a bit more. The weather made it challenging, but all the fields had been cleared and we got more open shots and views. Not much to see in 8-foot stands of corn other than ... more corn. But all in all, this is a pretty fun way to spend your days, riding around in the back of a truck and jumping out to pen the birds in the field, or sitting around the fire pit late into the evening, BS'ing and drinking beer.

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