Camp Lakewood

Dear Camp Director Rick,

Word on the dog circuit is that Camp Lakewood is the place to be. So when my parents started talking last night about going to Asheville this December 4th-6th for some work thing Mom has to do, I thought I would check and see if there is any space available for an enthusiastic ball-chasing camper such as myself. I am never aggressive with other dogs and tend to get along well with most any four legged animal, except for chipmunks because they are tasty and raccoons because they swat at me. Dad has lots of plans for me to go hiking that weekend with him and my brother but Mom said something about "being too much with a toddler" and that gives me hope that perhaps I could spend at least an afternoon enjoying the outside play pen and possibly the wonderful company of the other campers at Camp Lakewood. Please consider this as my application.

Warmest barking regards,
Dean Shaw

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