Wisconsin Grouse Hunting

Ah, the warmth of Finnish cooking in the Great North Woods of central Wisconsin.

Dad and I had the distinct pleasure of hunting Ol' Ruff for a week in October 2008. The hunting is tough, fighting thick brush and broken ground, and much unlike what's found in North Carolina.

Lodging, food and sage advice provided by Palmquist Farm.

The author and Dean, with his first Ruffed Grouse

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  1. Hey!

    I know that you made this post a long time ago, but I just stumbled upon it. Thanks for putting this up. My name is Anna- I'm Jim and Helen Palmquist's daughter. I'm putting together a post card for Palmquist Farm to send out to all the past grouse hunters and I was wondering if you would be willing to donate the picture of you and (I think) your dad with your dogs and the grouse in front of those rocks. It's the one of the left of this post. What do you think? Questions? You can email me at annaeliz18@gmail.com

    We are trying to get the postcard out by August 1st. Thanks!